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About OSGeo-Sri Lanka (LK) Chapter

Welcome to the OSGeo Sri Lanka chapter! The OSGeo Sri Lanka chapter is aimed at supporting the Sri Lankan open source GIS community in their activities. The official formation of the chapter is still going on and the first formal meeting in this regard was held on 19th October 2017 at the Department of Town & Country Planning (TCP), University of Moratuwa.


  • Promoting Free/Opensource GIS tools and publicly available Geodata
  • Advocacy of and promoting Localized GIS
  • Act as a bridge between various groups like Developers, Application Users, NGOs, Government departments
  • mentor various FOSS GIS mini-projects by providing resources such as technical guidance, webspace etc.



  • initiative for standardisation of publicly available geodata
  • setting up WMS/WFS based geodata servers using publicly available geodata
  • toolkit for localised GIS including with special focus on schools, governments, public causes such as child malnutrition, mass education.

POCs (Proof Of Concept demos):

  • free/opensource based GIS demos
  • localized GIS (interface and maps)
  • Collaborative platforms for participatory governance

Regional Events:

  • Workshops and Training sessions for
    • comp science students/teachers
    • geo-informatics/geology/geography/civil engineering students and teachers
    • others
  • Special Lectures
  • Demonstrations


  • Networking Local Communities related to geo-issues
  • Mailing Lists
  • Wiki

Legal status

OSGeo.LK Chapter Officers

Interim committee

Vice President


Vice Secretary


Vice Treasurer

Executive Members

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Initial Membership

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Activities of OSGeo.LK Chapter


  • First meeting to formalize the chapter activities (19th October 2017) . File:SriLankaChapter MINUTES01 16 11 2017 approved.pdf
  • Second meeting of the year 2017 (15th November 2017) & Workshop on Open, Nonconventional, Sustainable and Effective climate monitoring system (4ONSE)

File:SriLankaChapter MINUTES02 05 12 2017 approved.pdf

  • Event to Celebrate GeoWeek 2017 (OSM Mapathon at University of Peradeniya - 19th November 2017).[1]
4ONSE workshop at UoMoratuwa on 15-11-2017
OSM GeoWeek Celebration at UoPeradeniya on 19-11-2017


  • Formation of OSGeo lab of University of Moratuwa and OSGeo Lab of SLIIT
  • organizing FOSS4G Sri Lanka -2014
  • Add Activity



  • OSM Mapathon at University of Peradeniya - 19th November 2017.