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  1. I can contribute programming time to this project, I have been looking into doing something similar myself, but I need someone to push me in the right direction when it comes to the big picture. -- User:Homann
  2. Worked for 10 years in forest industry, woodlands management, side of things; happy to help co-direct development and have it tested by users in the field; familiar with most of the OSGeo stack as well as QGIS -- Tyler Mitchell
  3. I have experience working with primarily NIPFs in woodland management, recreation, wildlife, and woodlot aesthetics. I use a variety of open-source GIS tools as part of my private business, and employment in an urban forestry-centered non-profit. My programming experience is limited, but I have picked up several languages on an as-needed basis in the past. I have been looking for a project as an excuse to get more involved in QGIS development. I'm willing to help with project direction, and take on small programming tasks as needed, perhaps under the guidance of someone more experienced. I can also facilitate the testing and continued development of project goals and functionality. user:MuellerL