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  1. I can contribute programming time to this project, I have been looking into doing something similar myself, but I need someone to push me in the right direction when it comes to the big picture. -- User:Homann
  2. Worked for 10 years in forest industry, woodlands management, side of things; happy to help co-direct development and have it tested by users in the field; familiar with most of the OSGeo stack as well as QGIS -- Tyler Mitchell
  3. I can help define project direction and necessary functionality. I am willing to take on programming tasks as needed, preferably under the guidance or working alongside someone more experienced. I can also facilitate the testing and continued development of project the project with a diverse group of potential end-users. -- user:MuellerL
  4. I'm up to my ears in work at the moment but want to participate as soon as time permits (hopefully in a couple of months. It's a fantastic idea with lots of potential.My name is Jake and I'm a forester in Orland Maine. Nice meeting you all.


July 11, 2012 from: Lee Mueller - I've begun reaching out to a few different researchers and industry folk who use, generate, or otherwise develop software (open-source and proprietary) for forestry work. The goal is to determine what type of code is readily available that can be tailored into a QGIS plugin for forestry work. At this point, I'm looking to develop the following functionality in an effort to grow from there:

  • The ability to generate plots within stands based on basic parameters.
  • Link the data collected for each plot with their spacial location.
  • Generate reports (stand tables, volume tables, etc) for each stand based on the summary data from the plots within those stands.
  • If stands are re-drawn, reports and plot associations with stands change automatically.
  • Basic report options such as: units, methods of volume calculations, fixed plot vs several BAF options.