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  1. I can contribute programming time to this project, I have been looking into doing something similar myself, but I need someone to push me in the right direction when it comes to the big picture. -- User:Homann
  2. Worked for 10 years in forest industry, woodlands management, side of things; happy to help co-direct development and have it tested by users in the field; familiar with most of the OSGeo stack as well as QGIS -- Tyler Mitchell
  3. I can help define project direction and necessary functionality. I am willing to take on programming tasks as needed, preferably under the guidance or working alongside someone more experienced. I can also facilitate the testing and continued development of project the project with a diverse group of potential end-users. -- user:MuellerL
  4. I'm up to my ears in work at the moment but want to participate as soon as time permits (hopefully in a couple of months. It's a fantastic idea with lots of potential.My name is Jake and I'm a forester in Orland Maine. Nice meeting you all.
  5. I'm Max Uhlenhuth - founder of and lead engineer behind Plot Hound, a cross-platform mobile cruising app that runs on Android and iPhone. We built Plot Hound using all open source software. Although Plot Hound is free to use, it's not open source. Although maybe there is a compelling reason to do so...? Excited to meet the rest of you guys.


July 11, 2012 from: Lee Mueller - I've begun reaching out to a few different researchers and industry folk who use, generate, or otherwise develop software (open-source and proprietary) for forestry work. The goal is to determine what type of code is readily available that can be tailored into a QGIS plugin for forestry work. At this point, I'm looking to develop the following functionality in an effort to grow from there:

  • The ability to generate plots within stands based on basic parameters.
  • Link the data collected for each plot with their spacial location.
  • Generate reports (stand tables, volume tables, etc) for each stand based on the summary data from the plots within those stands.
  • If stands are re-drawn, reports and plot associations with stands change automatically.
  • Basic report options such as: units, methods of volume calculations, fixed plot vs several BAF options.