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I copied everything from the current page to the talk page, because the notes need completely overhauling and turned into a spec - Jo

Why should OSGeo be running a geodata repository?

  • Without data, Open Source Geospatial Software isn't much use.
  • OSGeo has been generously offered use of the facilities at Telascience - - which is already mirroring a lot of public domain sources
  • The telascience facilities can be used to host sample applications for the software projects, to demonstrate different interfaces; this is a showcase for the OSGeo software projects and open standards that they support.
  • This is a service OSGeo can usefully offer to anyone who wants a safe home for their data in the future.

Data sources

These are suggestions that have been offered to the group so far.

Well-known sources of publically collected and maintained geodata

See list maintained at Geodata Discovery Working Group

Lesser known or less widely distributed sources of publically collected geodata

  • Local government departments which are putting geodata into the public domain (MassGIS, Manitoba, MetroGIS)

Privately contributed / collectively constructed geodata

No data without metadata!

An important factor for telascience is to have better metadata management facilities, and this is something that OSGeo's collective intelligence can really help with. During their data support efforts for Katrina hurricane relief data was being collected in "a very ad-hoc fashion". To be sure that OSGeo has the rights to redistribute data that it collects, a base level of metadata indicating contact details and license terms has to be established.

Common metadata standards

US Federal Geographic Data Committee metadata stipulations are the baseline. One ideal is that what we should collect, should be at least FGDC compliant.

Potentially useful toolsets

Data+metadata transmission standards, formal and informal

Related efforts

Initiated after the second Public Geodata Committee meeting.