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* Massimo aka epifanio: sponsor_osgeo.rst
* Massimo aka epifanio: sponsor_osgeo.rst
* Anne: contact.rst
* Anne: welcome_message.txt
== $Language team ==
== $Language team ==
* Name: file
* Name: file

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Anne escribió:

As OmegaT does not talk with SVN out of the box, and the addons Align and Blign are not fully functional, it seems that the better way is to coordinate the language teams in order not to edit the same file together. So we could still work with OmegaT and commit the single files. Everything that is in SVN is considered complete - still reviewable, obviously.

Is it ok for you all?

Italian team

  • Massimo aka epifanio: sponsor_osgeo.rst
  • Anne: welcome_message.txt

$Language team

  • Name: file