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As posted by FrankW to International-Discuss and the board list. Please send all major edits on this page also to

Concerns and Sggestions

  • Local chapter does not need to have a voting member of OSGeo involved

Suggestion to have 2-3 "levels" of chapter.

Level one

does not need to have any "official" existance
  • mailing list
  • wiki pages
Working Group
Interest Group

Level two

Official existance
reports to the board
no OSGeo funding or management
  • mailing list
  • wiki pages
  • web pages
  • Documents directory
  • SVN(?)

Level three

Official Organization in the country where it is formed
own chapter board
no OSGeo oversight of finances
  • bank account
  • funding and management
  • local conferences

Groups working on building some momentum to form a chapter (level 1) might start in category 1, and might never get past that level if there is no need.

--Arnulf Christl 17:06, 5 June 2006 (CEST)

3) I foresee some local chapters that are essentially very local "social

   and support" groups.  For instance, the mooted "OSGeo Ottawa Chapter".
   Such chapters would be focused around a local group that meets regularly
   as opposed to a "language or national" based group that might not actually
   meet in person frequently.

4) Generally I think OSGeo needs to ensure that local chapters are

   behaving in a manner congruent with the OSGeo mission, and not
   otherwise bringing the foundation into disrepute, but beyond that
   we shouldn't need to interfere much.

I do like the idea of language based chapters acting as an advocate for translation into their language.