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Sorry for all the late comments:

This doc is about adding new members, it would be good to have a brief section on general way for members to be removed, i.e. when they volunteer to quit and no longer want to be involved. A clear process will also become important when removing members who have not participated. Or else retitle this "New Member Process" or something like that?


Charter Membership Criteria section - I think it would be good to also note that "Participation in or support of OSGeo activities" is a good pre-requisite for charter membership. It was logical that this didn't apply to the initial charter members since OSGeo didn't exist, but doesn't it make sense that those who have participated the most over the last year would be the first that should be added? After all, there hasn't been any barrier for anyone to participate. Just an idea that came to mind as I think about who I'd nominate...

  • Also I think that "For instance, we have a strong desire to see the "Java tribe" well represented in the foundation." makes sense but should be removed or made more generic so people don't think we specifically need more Java folks instead of .NET, etc. The rest of the text sets the context fine, or else change to "We have a strong desire to see all aspects of the open source geo. community represented in the foundation, e.g. all programming languages, projects, etc."


Number of new members - this topic was brought up a lot in discussion list questions about the process. Changing it to some percentage (i.e. 10% growth per year) or some less precise number or range was suggested.