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Mail to participants

Hello to all OSGeo Code Sprint 2018 participants,

You have already added your name to our wiki page [1] and want to join the OSGeo Code Sprint 2018 in Bonn in March in one week, great! We are looking forward to see you soon. Here are some more details as the event approaches:


You can find information on how to get to BaseCamp on the wiki page [2].


We hope you have booked a room on your own, as the code sprint does not cover accommodation. Please see the "Accommodations" section of the wiki page for ideas.


If you plan to work on a project please add your plan to the wiki [3], so other participants can get an overview on the things that are going on and may join.

Social Events

We organized some social events for you [4]. *IMPORTANT*: If you would like to join the Party at FOSSGIS Conference on Wednesday evening (we invite you) please add the information to the wiki table (new column in the table). We need the information soon.

OSGeo Member Meeting

Please note that there will be an OSGeo Member Meeting [5] on the evening of Monday 19th in BaseCamp. We would like to have an open discussion on OSGeo topics for about 2 hours.

Marketing Materials

We also plan to provide OSGeo marketing material, so-called "Exhibition Packs", ready for you to take to your country. So please if possible leave some space in your suitcase empty to take some material back home. If you can take material home please add your name and needs to the table to make calculation easier [6].

If you have any questions or need help please let us now and send a mail to

We have 9 great sponsors [7], that will support our event. That's great! Thanks to all of them.

See you at the OSGeo Code Sprint and have a safe journey to Bonn.

The OSGeo Code Sprint Organizing Team

[1] [2] BaseCamp - how to get there [3] Project Plans [4] Social Event - Party at FOSSGIS Conference [5] OSGeo Member Meeting [6] [7] Sponsors


Sprint Info for OSGeo Funding

A request for supporting a sprint by OSGeo should include the following information about the event and the funding model for it:

Basic Information

Have a look at the sprint page:

  • Audience: how many people are expected? - +- 120
  • Region: is the sprint localized to a specific region? - Bonn, Codesprint is scheduled around FOSSGIS 2018
  • Projects: is the sprint to work on just one specific project, or is it for multiple projects? - all OSGeo projects
  • Length: how many days will the sprint cover? sunday-sunday -> 8 days
  • Venue: where will the sprint be held? will food be provided? will overnight lodging be provided?
    • Basecamp Bonn
    • overnight lodging is not provided. Participants have to pay for the lodging.
    • Only food and drinks are provided

Expected budget

  • Where is the prospective budget published? Provide a link to a publicly accessible resource (e.g. wiki). The prospective budget shall list the levels/amounts of forecasted sponsorship, and show that OSGeo is providing matching funds (see Sponsorship Criteria below).


The budget shall contain the following information:

  • what is the expected registration fee, if any, for each attendee?
    • there is no fee
  • what is the expected amount of third-party sponsorships?
  • what in-kind donations are expected (such as donated use of a conference room)?
    • no extra costs for the room, as long as all basecamp (~70 beds) is occupied by Code sprint people, if not, we have to pay for the not-booked beds -> no extra costs, as all beds are booked
  • what is the desired amount of OSGeo sponsorship?
    • 1000 € or more
  • what is the expected cost per attendee, for travel, lodging, and food?
    • food and drinks +-13.000€ including snacks as it is August and we have to buy the drinks from the venue, we calculated with a 5k €/day flat charge, this is 20/32€ per Person per day
  • what is the expected cost for the venue (such as conference room, wifi support, snacks, etc.)?
    • no extra costs for room snacks are included in the price of the food (see above)
  • wifi will cost +- 2100 Euro as we provide an extra access point to provide a stable internet connection
Day costs per day (euro) 100 persons 120 persons
Sunday 20 2000 2400
Monday 32 3200 3840
Tuesday 32 3200 3840
Wednesday 32 3200 3840
Thursday 32 3200 3840
Friday 32 3200 3840
Saturday 32 3200 3840
Sunday 20 maybe less costs as only some hours sprint 2000 2400
Sum 23200 27840
Accommodation - -
Wifi 2100 € 2100 €
Total 25300 29940
Costs extra electricity ?? ??
Costs extra internet ?? ??
  •  ?? not clear whether we have extra costs for electricity and internet

Profit / Loss / Risk

  • What is the expected profit of the event, if any? where will any surplus money go?
    • community building, work on OSGeo projects
  • Under what circumstances might the event incur a loss? how will this risk be mitigated?
    • if not all accommodations in basecamp Bonn are occupied, we'd have to pay for the not booked beds