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Things that need to be constrained to ensure URLs are identical between clients and therefore cachable:

  • Encoding of URL elements, like ":" and " ". Are they encoded? In the case of " " is it with "+" or "%22"? Basically the URL encoding needs to be "strict" and no "loosy goosy" (except remember that WMS is messed up and specifies that you do *not* encode the "," between layer names in the "layers" parameter, even though the URL encoding rules say you should. But for "," characters *within* the layer names, those you should encode. (Like it would have killed them just to say "no commas in the layer names" and follow the URL encoding rules correctly... but I digress.)
  • Precise minimum of WMS parameters, and their precise ordering. All mandatory WMS parameters need to be included, fer sher.
  • The case of WMS parameters. Is it "VERSION" or "version"? "GetMap" or "getmap"?

Clarify recommendation

  • What does it mean that a BoundingBox element is optional? What is the implied value if it unspecified?
  • The Layers and Styles elements are presumably lists. Are they space separated, comma separated?