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To develop new content and maintain clean translations it could be helpful to have a copy of all/some portal web pages in the Wiki. This would open up content development to a far broader community and at the same time allow to keep the number of CMS editors low and resolve our intermittent problems with people inadvertently messing up menus, etc.

At the top of the Wiki page a link would point to the official version in the portal. A disclaimer at the top of the page would identify the Wiki page as the collaboration point that does not necessarily have to reflect official policy. --Seven 13:31, 30 May 2007 (CEST)

translations mirror

Seven, I like your idea. Then "official" translators can a be a little number that has mainly to sincronize the CMS with the wiki. In this way CMS security will be much more and 1-2 "offical" translators for language could be enough. This translators could be even responsible to maintain the wiki translation as close as possible to the original text. A problem that still remains is how to let people know a page has been updated in the english version. --Lorenzo

We have a similar issue with the Journal. Fortunately it is not impossible to handle since we do an official "release" for each issue - it is not a continual work in progress. In this case we will likely have a translation manager for a language who merges in translated text directly back into latex. Putting the text onto wiki isn't really feasible since it gets translated from latex and then has to go back into latex. It's been much better if they can work directly in latex files, but that can be a barrier. I like to see people working as close to the source as possible, though know this is not always easiest.

With the website, could we simplify the process by doing a website review a few times per year instead of trying to get real-time translation improvements going. Then we can engage with translators a few times a year at minimum, or more frequently if they wanted to watch the "Recent Changes" link on the website (requires auth). Shouldn't that be enough?

Wiki use is fine too, of course, just trying to share some of the ideas from Journal discussion. --Tyler