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Open Source Semantic GIS toolkit

thinkGeo will be formed as a branch of thinklab. After years of development by a close-knit core at the Ecoinformatics Collaboratory of the Gund Institute, University of Vermont, we are looking for a broader community to use and develop thinkGeo.

thinkGeo consists of the foundational plugins of thinklab (core, corescience, geospace, time, modelling) which are currently housed in the thinklab trunk SourceForge Repository until the thinkGeo branch is actually created.

Contact Information

  • Mailing List: We are sharing the [aries-project google groups] mailing list.
  • IRC channel: We are sharing a [freenode] channel with the ARIES project, #aries.
  • Discussion page: you may post questions related to the thinkgeo wiki itself directly on the discussion page of this wiki. Anyone watching this page will get an e-mail notification of your question.
  • Point of contact: Contact Tara Athan for more information.

Interested People

Tara Athan (project champion)