UN Meeting 2015-11-17

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This meeting is scheduled for the 17th of November 2015 at 16.00 UTC through IRC and follow up voting by email.


Current items


  • discuss structure of committee (chair, frequency of meetings)
  • discuss goals of committee
  • next steps
  • please add your items here


  • Attending: Jeff McKenna, Jeroen Ticheler, Marco Minghini, Mikel Maron, Werner Leyh, Norman Vine, Vasile Craciunescu
  • Presiding: Jeff
  • Scribing: Jeff

Assigned Tasks

  • [Jeff] update wiki with goals of committee
  • [All] provide feedback from (upcoming) MoU/official letter draft

Full, raw minutes notes

  • 16:01 Meeting starts
  • 16:16 Committee Structure
    • jeff: I of course will represent OSGeo at the table, when "the president" is required. i wasn't sure if the OSGeo committee chair should be different?
    • werner: I think for the committee jeff would be the best solution
    • Jeff volunteers as chair
    • all in support
  • 16:19 Goals of the committee
    • marco: leading members of GeoForAll GeoCrowd are very interested
    • jeroen: Focus on software (applications) and education?
    • werner: I told about openstreetmap , that does not mean that I will focus on data , but OSM is extremely important for our apps and should be on the table
    • norman: agreed but OSM is not an OSGeo project
    • mikel: HOT will also mention software as well, but I'm happy that OSGeo take the lead on the importance of open source
    • jeff: i agree with a priority to educate through our service providers, as well as through the GeoForAll network (OSGeo's education arm)
  • 16:45 Next Steps
    • jeroen: The MoU will be a helpful thing to get started with this
    • jeff: it would be great if everyone can help with that letter/mou draft). i will make an attempt on the wiki and distribute it for review/edits on our UN mailing list. ok plan?
    • jeroen: My personal feeling is that we should absolutely not restrain to the disaster component of the UN. There is so much more in the UN system. Even if disasters are high profile
    • jeff: remember also that we/OSGeo joined a specific "task force" for this disaster working group. I will keep the committee uptodate with any requests from that
    • jeff: i would also like to see a UN session at the next FOSS4G in Bonn in August. The local committee is talking of having 90 minutes for these special sessions, so I think this committee should guide that UN session
  • 16:56 Next meeting time: 2015/12/17 + 16:00UTC UN Meeting 2015-12-17