USGS Open House 2009

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USGS Open House

Event Owner
Brian Hamlin (darkblue_b)
May 16-17, 2009
Menlo Park, Ca
Annual USGS Open House

ASPRS rep Becky Morton invited Cal OSGeo to run some demos at the USGS open house.

I just spoke with Alan Mikuni, USGS and past-president of ASPRS.. there may not be any network connection at all (!) though he is checking into possibilities. Setup day is Friday all day. 20201024082110

Followup- Brian ran the booth Friday/Saturday. In practice, involved topics (such as anything to do with Linux) didnt happen :-) Profoundly accomplished geo-scientists were mixed within the crowd of mainly kids and families. In prep for the kids, I (Brian) prepared a KML layer of all the public schools in California and displayed in Google Earth with a 3DConnexion Space Navigator input device. This was a huge hit! "Find your school" was the one-liner activity. ASPRS (our host) booth worked really well. THey have a continuous video, great branding and large visuals, a simple one-liner activity (look into the stereo viewer at the map) and then lots of depth for those that want to pursue it. Definitely a model for OSGeo in the future. 20201024082110


  • Possible screencast on OpenModeller - timlinux
  • OGR, PostGIS and KML - darkblue_b
  • OpenJump - Landon
  • QGIS/Grass/Spatialite - Alex

I'd definitely like to make sure OpenLayers and QGis are represented well.. I feel like I would be a better rep for OpenLayers myself. Also thinking of an idea for "big picture" on OSGeo using the Wiki, and the mailing lists activity levels -Brian


  • Mac Book Pro laptop 10.5, with Ubuntu Virtual Machine
  • Live DVD dedicated machine - Alex
  • Ubuntu 8.10 QGIS, Grass, Postgis, maybe a locally running Openlayers example - Alex