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The beginnings of a manifesto (edit as you see fit):

  • To provide a UK-specific focus for the OSGEO and to arrange UK meetings
  • To help UK organisations discover the opportunity of open source geospatial tools
  • To work towards a fully featured UK SDI
  • To provide a starting point for people from the UK who are new to the Open Source Geospatial movement
  • To provide a focus for lobbying for public access to UK Geodata
  • To, maybe, one day, act as focal point for the UK organising the FOSS4G conference

Don't forget to sign the Inspire petition -and tell your friends too - you don't have to use geo-data to believe that publically funded work should be public property! http://petition.publicgeodata.org/

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Sign up here to show interest!


Yes, definitely worth doing


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Excellent! All for this!! - User:Simon

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User:Gagravarr - involved in OpenGuides and OpenStreetMap in the UK



Tuesday September, 26th: Steve Coast of OpenStreetmap fame is giving a talk to the BCS entitled Geospatial Open Source Activity. Details at http://geospatial.bcs.org/site/index.php?s=future-events#3

The UK-originated OpenGuides Open Source spatial wiki project is having a pub meetup and "hackfest" on the 8th-10th December also in Oxford - http://dev.openguides.org/wiki/OxfordMeetup2006

There will be a few OpenStreetMap people at this event too (there's a fair degree of overlap). Crash space is available, and nice pubs will be visited!

OpenStreetmap also have regular UK mapping parties in different cities and it could be a lot of fun to sync an OSGeo-UK meetup with an OSM mapping party.

OpenStreetmMap agrees :)