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Andrea Aime

Tech lead, GeoSolutions

Location: Reggiolo, Reggio Emilia, Italia

Andrea is a developer and tech lead at GeoSolutions. Currently in charge of several customer projects centered around GeoTools and GeoServer, optimizing large clustered installations, integrating them into the customer's infrastructure and building verticals on top of them, and feeding back changes to the community as the opportunity arises.

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  • Core developer and PMC member of the GeoTools project
  • Core developer and PSC member of the GeoServer project
  • User support on the GeoServer and GeoTools mailing lists, as well as on StackExchange.
  • FOSS4G presentations regular
Email: andrea DOT aime AT geo-solutions DOT it
Skype: andrea.aime
Twiter: geowolf
Spoken Language(s)
Italian, English (and a little bit of French)
Profile last updated
02 July 2012

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