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OSGeo Member
Name: Alexandre Leroux
Job Title:
Company: ECCC / Meteorological Service of Canada
Address: Montréal, Canada
City: Montreal
State: Qc
Country: Canada
Local Chapter: Québec Chapter
Instant Messaging:
Language(s): French; english
Personal Description :
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OSGeo Experience and Roles:

OSGeo User.png   I used to run, a popular community-driven website for geospatial news and discussions under the umbrella of a registered non-profit organization.

I work for Environment Canada at the Canadian Meteorological Centre in Dorval, Qc, Canada. I also co-founded the Applied-GIS-RS mailing list a few years ago. I participate within the GeoNET network for geospatial issues regarding the Government of Canada.

I helped with the French PR translation for the OSGeo Foundation. I regularly link to OSGeo-related discussions on Slashgeo. My work division uses open source geospatial software on a daily basis.

Cheers! :-) -- Alex ~~