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I am the main founder of, a community-driven website for geospatial news and discussions under the umbrella of a registered non-profit organization. As of June 2012, reaches over 8,000 geospatial professionals via RSS according to Google Feedburner, in addition to hundreds of daily newsletter subscribers and thousands of direct accesses to the website.

I work for Environment Canada at the Canadian Meteorological Centre in Dorval, Qc, Canada. I also co-founded the Applied-GIS-RS mailing list a few years ago. I participate within the GeoNET network for geospatial issues regarding the Government of Canada.

I helped with the French PR translation for the OSGeo Foundation. I regularly link to OSGeo-related discussions on Slashgeo. My work division uses open source geospatial software on a daily basis.

Cheers! :-)

You can reach me on alexandre . leroux YYY @ ec . gc . ca (without the spaces and the YYY) {{#umSetParam: -73.79|45.48|Montréal, Canada|Aleroux|Alexandre Leroux}} {{#umUserMap: Aleroux}}

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