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OSGeo Member
Name: Ben Caradoc-Davies Bencaradocdavies.jpg
Job Title: Director
Company: Transient Software Limited
Address: 20 Clearwater Street, Broad Bay Dunedin 9014, New Zealand
City: Dunedin
Country: New Zealand
Local Chapter: Aust-NZ
Phone: +64 27 911 9174
Instant Messaging:
Language(s): English
Personal Description :
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OSGeo Experience and Roles:

OSGeo User.png  OSGeo Coder.png  OSGeo PSC.png  OSGeo Committer.png   Ben is a software engineer and the director of Transient Software Limited, a New Zealand based provider of software development and support services with expertise in scientific, environmental, and geospatial applications. Ben contributes to and is a member of the Project Steering Committees for GeoServer, GeoTools, and OSGeo Live.