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Cameron Green is a MSc Geoinformatics student in the Department of Geography, Geoinformatics and Meteorology at the University of Pretoria. In 2017, he was selected for the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Science Undergraduate Mentorship Bursary Program under Prof Serena Coetzee and Dr Victoria Rautenbach. The mentorship bursary was awarded based on academic merit and commitment. Through the program, he assisted with various administrative and technical tasks in the departments. At University, he joined the environmental society, called The Greenline Society. He served on the Executive Council for three years as the Marketing and Publications Manager (2015), Vice-Chairperson (2016) and Chairperson and Residence Director (2017). As part of the Executive Council, he had various responsibilities, such as organised and participated events and coordinating marketing. During his term on Greenline, he was privileged to receive two awards on behalf of the University of Pretoria for the work that Greenline has done. Greenline was also nominated for the Talloires Network MacJannet Prize for the work done in 2017. He is currently the president of the University of Pretoria YouthMappers chapter, and has been instrumental in the arrangements of various mapathons that were held at the University of Pretoria and with school learners in Pretoria. He was a DST/NRF intern in the Centre for Geoinformation Science under the supervision of Prof Serena Coetzee. As part of his duties, he is a teaching assistant for GIS310 (Advance GIS), GMT320 (Geoinformatics project) and GIS 311 (Geoinformatics). His main task is to manage and coordinate the practical sessions for the GIS 310 group of 120 students. For GMT 320, he assists with administration and logistical arrangements with the community of Alaska informal settlement and presents practicals to the students. Through the internship and his honour’s project, he is involved in the Frontiers of Engineering Seed Funding project with King's College London. The aim of the project is to improve the process for collecting volunteered geographic information by interacting with hackathons. For the project, he has assisted with the arrangement of mapathons and the development of a wiki for reporting on the process. Additionally, he coordinates with postgraduate students at King's College London to analyse the quality of the data. During this time, he was a facilitator in a UN OpenGIS online course and a mentor in the annual Google Code-in. Currently, he is working as a research assistant in the Department of Geography, Geoinformatics and Meteorology at the University of Pretoria.