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Name: Chingchai Humhong Avatar of chingchai dot h at gmail dot com
Job Title: Student
Company: Naresuan University
Address: Naresuan University, Phitsanulok, Thailand
City: Mueang Phitsanulok
State: Phitsanulok, Thailand
Country: Thailand
Local Chapter: Thai
Phone: +66846246278
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Personal Description : chingchai humhong
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Chingchai Humhong

I am an employee at GISTDA NU and I also studying a master degree of Geographic Information Science (GISci) at Naresuan University, Thailand. I studing at Asst.Prof.Dr.Sittichai Choosumrong laboratory. Regarding my working at GISTDA NU and my topic on my master degree is I am using FOSS4G with my works and my research. Belong to my works at GISTDA, I contribute FOSS4G by giving workshop on QGIS, Openlayers etc. and many participants were attended. Belong to my study, I doing research based on Open Source Software using FOSS4G, Openlayers, MapServer ,GeoServer, pgRouting, GRASS, ZOO-Project etc. I have created QGIS community group in Thailand whit more than 4,000 members are joining. We usually promote OSgeo in Thailand not only giving workshop but also conducting FOSS4G Thailand conference as a committee member. Sometime I used to have skype meeting with Prof.Venkatesh Raghavan laboratory at Osaka City University (OCU) in Japan to discusses and share about my works and OCU student works.

I had submitted my proposal title "Bringing pyModis to the web throught ZOO-Project" and it had been accepted on Google Summer of Code 2016. ( I also used to attend FOSS4G Thailand on December 2015 and now I am focusing only using FOSS4G on my works because FOSS4G is a very powerful tools for my project.