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Christos 'Chiossif' Iosifidis


Remote Sensing Tutor, NTUA, GR

Location: ATH, GR

Christos Iosifidis is a Dipl.Rural & Surveying Eng. teaching at Remote Sensing Lab.[1] at NTUA[2]. He is known in the digital world as chiossif, an ardent promoter of free software and scholar of ancient codes in Fortran 77 and K&R's C. Moreover specializes in geoinformatics and generally in geo-art, in photo-topografy and photographic techniques, in geo-motion and generally dance on earth. Inappropriate for solving simple problems, because he always composes more complex ones and famed for his profuse rhetoric which in case of digital recording produces huge files due to the increased duration and complexity in composition. The contact with him gives new dimensions to understanding concepts like co-mmunication and co-operation, while "teaching" (as he describes his patter) for freedom, love and peace on earth is beyond any physical or logical limit. ( himself 2010 )

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  • Instructor, user and coder of geo-Free as in Freedom-ware
  • Translator in Greek for OSGeoDVD
Email: chiossif AT gmail DOT com
Phone (work): +30 210 772 2606
Skype: chiossif
Spoken Language(s)
Greek, English
Profile last updated
27 July 2014