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;Spoken Languages: English, French
;Spoken Languages: English, French
;Profile last updated: 5 July 2012
;Profile last updated: 20 July 2013

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Daniel Morissette

Daniel Morissette

President, Mapgears

Location: Chicoutimi, QC, Canada

Daniel Morissette is a software engineer by trade, business man by experience, OSGeo advocate by the way and beer aficionado by accident, with a focus on Web Mapping using MapServer and related OSGeo technologies. He is president of Mapgears, has been actively involved in MapServer since 2000 and in several OSGeo projects and committees since the early days of the Foundation, including as a board director since 2010.

OSGeo Experience OSGeo charter.png OSGeo board.png OSGeo committee.png OSGeo psc.png SolKatz.png 
  • OSGeo Board Director since 2010 and Treasurer since 2011
  • Developer and member of the MapServer PSC
  • Developer and member of the GDAL/OGR PSC
  • Member of the Incubation Committee
  • Co-founder and chair of the Quebec Local Chapter
  • Involved directly or indirectly in several other OSGeo projects
  • Recipient of OSGeo's 2009 Sol Katz Award
Other relevant experience
Email: dmorissette AT mapgears DOT com
Twitter: @dmorissette
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/dmorissette
Blog: http://dmorissette.blogspot.com/
Spoken Languages
English, French
Profile last updated
20 July 2013