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Daniel is the founder of ILICIT Africa where ILICIT stands for Integrating Livelihoods thru Communication Information Technology for Africa, ISOC Uganda Chapter - Community Lead and also a GIS trainer, Council Member of Free and Open Source Foundation for Africa and the Pilot Program Coordinator for ICANN - Africa Region, a member of the Community Reach Out and Pilot Program Review Team (CROPP-RT) under ICANN and the Executive Director of WASH Reporter, a crowd sourcing platform to air out the views and experiences on the persons living in rural areas facing challenges in Water, Sanitation and Health. The platform generates its information and data from the rural people through SMS, Email and Calls directly to the WASH Offices reporting a crisis which is then mapped on the Crisis Mapper.

Daniel has experience in ICT4Dev and has been trained as a Peer Educator and Youth Counselor in HIV/AIDs where he volunteered at MUST Peer Project (MPP) a LUMUST project that was set up in Mbarara University of Science and Technology with partnership with Lund University in Sweden. With a strong goal to change the world through ICT as an intervention to world calamities, challenges and problem, Daniel has gained profound experiences and is raising awareness in the GIS Systems, ICT and Social works.

He was also the Community Lead of Hive Colab an open space of Innovation Hub which has a key role in fostering upcoming Software Developers in Uganda and has contributed in incorporating ICT in Business Innovations through sustainable work plans and business plans for the developers.