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My background

I am a tropical forest ecologist from origin, while more recently my work has focussed on biogeography, and how information on the distribution of species and ecosystems can be used to better plan the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and natural resources. See also my personal website Ecodiv.

Me and open source

I am a proponent of open source software and open data as essential components of a more transparent, rapid and inclusive science, especially in ecology, biogeography and conservation sciences. For my spatial analysis I typically use GRASS GIS, R, OGR/GDAL, and QGIS, amongst others. I furthermore use QGIS, Tilemill and Leaflet when I have to create maps (print and online, see e.g., the maps on [[1]]).

I am not a software developer, but like many GRASS GIS and R users, I know enough of scripting (R, Python, command line) to make my own life easier, and even to write a few simple GRASS GIS addons ;-). I furthermore try to find the time to write down my notes on the use of Open Source software on my blog Ecostudies.