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===Eli Adam===
{{OSGeo Member
|Name=Eli L Adam
Location: Newport, Oregon (USA)
|Address=Newport, Oregon
|Coordinate=44.6759, -124.075
Since 2007, Eli has been using FOSS4G technologies, first in archaeological settings then in local government.  Webmapping with MapGuide Open Source and MapServer led to data management with GDAL/OGR (FWTools 0.94) and eventually leading to many other OSGeo Projects covering the full software stack. 
;OSGeo Experience [[File:OSGeo_charter.png|link=OSGeo_Advocate#OSGeo_Charter_Members]][[File:OSGeo_psc.png|link=OSGeo_Advocate#Voted_position_in_an_OSGeo_community]] [[File:OSGeo_committee.png|link=OSGeo_Advocate#Developers_and_Committee_Members]] [[File:OSGeo_user.png|link=OSGeo_Advocate#OSGeo_Community_Members]]
:* OSGeo Journal Team and Copyeditor since Volume 7 (2010)
:* GeoMoose involvement since 2010 as a user, contributor, and PSC member.  Helped with OSGeo Incubation.
:* PDX-OSGeo member and liaison to the Board, helped formalize the Chapter's status as an official OSGeo Chapter. 
:* Presented GDAL/OGR tutorials at Conferences, Workshops, User Groups, Unconferences, and other venues.  Also touching on MapServer, PostGIS, GeoMoose, and other OSGeo Projects.
:* OSGeo Charter member (2013)
:* FOSS4G 2014 - one of four co-chairs (we had a chair and four co-chairs)
:* OSGeo Conference Committee (2015)
: Email: eadam A T co DOT lincoln DOT or DOT us
: IRC: EliL on Freenode
;Profile last updated: 13 August 2013
{{#umSetParam: -124.075|44.6759|Newport, Oregon|EliL|Eli L Adam}}
{{#umUserMap: EliL|300px|300px|6|2|y}}

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OSGeo Member
Name: Eli L Adam
Job Title:
Address: Newport, Oregon
Country: [[|{{{Country}}}]]
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