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  • I grew up in Michigan and currently live in Oregon.
  • I've been doing GIS/GPS/Surveying to some extent since 2002, FOSS since about 2007.

Past Work

  • I have previously worked as an archaeologist throughout the United States.

Current Work

  • I currently work in local government.
  • Working as the GIS Analyst for a small local government covers a wide range of tasks and topics from system administration to desktop GIS to web mapping to end user support and everything in between.

Other Work

  • I spend some time doing GIS consulting and pro-bono work.


  • The OSGEO projects that I use the most are gdal, MapServer, and PostGIS.
  • I also like the OSGEO Journal and am currently volunteering as a proofreader .
  • In addition to maps, cartography, GIS, and OSGEO, I enjoy outdoor activities (hiking, kayaking, biking), gardening, and spending time with friends.

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