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Eli Adam

Location: Newport, Oregon (USA)

Since 2007, Eli has been using FOSS4G technologies, first in archaeological settings then in local government. Webmapping with MapGuide Open Source and MapServer led to data management with GDAL/OGR (FWTools 0.94) and eventually leading to many other OSGeo Projects covering the full software stack.

OSGeo Experience OSGeo charter.pngOSGeo psc.png OSGeo committee.png OSGeo user.png
  • OSGeo Journal Team and Copyeditor since Volume 7 (2010)
  • GeoMoose involvement since 2010 as a user, contributor, and PSC member. Helped with OSGeo Incubation.
  • PDX-OSGeo member and liaison to the Board, helped formalize the Chapter's status as an official OSGeo Chapter.
  • Presented GDAL/OGR tutorials at Conferences, Workshops, User Groups, Unconferences, and other venues. Also touching on MapServer, PostGIS, GeoMoose, and other OSGeo Projects.
  • OSGeo Charter member (2013)
  • FOSS4G 2014 - one of four co-chairs (we had a chair and four co-chairs)
  • OSGeo Conference Committee (2015)
Email: eadam A T co DOT lincoln DOT or DOT us
IRC: EliL on Freenode
Profile last updated
13 August 2013

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