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I have loved maps since I was gifted a Dorling Kindersley World Atlas as a child. Over time that interest manifested itself through travel and an interest in other cultures, but not so much the maps themselves. It was only when I joined Mapillary in 2015 that I was able to explore my interest in geospatial further, initially through OpenStreetMap, and later through QGIS. Both projects have opened my eyes to the world of maps and open source, but more important to me are the practical applications of these tools.

Since returning to Australia in December 2016, I have enjoyed engaging with the local communities of the region, and working together with others to build a strong geospatial community. We put together the first FOSS4G SotM Oceania in 2018 which was an overwhelming success with 250 people attending. Building upon this, we have created the entity OSGeo Oceania to support future conferences, improve participation, and elicit new perspectives.

If you're ever in Melbourne, come and say hi!