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Name: Ervin Wirth Avatar of wirth dot ervin at mailbox dot org
Job Title:
Address: Műegyetem rkp.,1111 Budapest
City: Budapest
Country: Hungary
Local Chapter: Hungary
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Personal Description : Ervin Wirth was born in Szekszárd (Hungary) in 1987.

He has a PhD. degree and teaches spatial informatics in the Department of Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics at Budapest University of Technology and Economics (hereinafter BME-FMT), Hungary. His field of research is Geographical Information Science (GIS) and Agent-Based Modeling (ABM).

He is the member (past secretary) of HUNAGI (Hungarian Association for Geoinformation), the admin/founder of QGIS Magyarország (Hungary) Facebook site over 500 likes; the creator, editor and video contributor of FMT-BME YouTube channel with over 100 000 views; the developer and maintainer of Indicatrix Mapper QGIS plugin for visualise projection distortions on the fly.
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