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I started as a GIS engineer who is responsible for designing and Developing G.I.S applications for strategic and operational decision making in urban planning projects. Afterwards, I worked as senior GIS engineer who is responsible for analyzing and developing the information management system for the archaeological sites "The Archaeological Map of Egypt" (a GIS system) that has been awarded The Stockholm Challenge Award 2003/2004.I was responsible for coordinating work between archaelogits, database designers and developers, and data entry workers (geometric and attribute data). Then I worked as the Executive manager then as the project manager of the Egyptian National Spatial Database Infrastructure (NSDI) that has been awarded the SAG award in 2006 as one of the best geo-information management projects in the world. Since December 2006, I have been working as a senior information management assistants in the World Food Programme (WFP). Here I am responsible for managing and implementing information systems needed for Vulnerability analysis and emergency preparedness and supporting country offices in information management tasks. Than I joined Ministry ofAdministrative development to work asnational Real Estate project manager. Concerning my educational background, you will find that since graduation in 1998 I have been studying the field of GIS and its applications. I joined a post-graduate GIS diploma for 2 years and an extensive GIS training course for 9 months. All of this gave me a good scientific background in the GIS field and this promoted me to continue my studies in information management. Now, I am in the final semesters of both MS.c. in GIS in Lund University and MBA in the Arab Academy as I believe that both will enhance my scope of knowledge in corporate information management techniques and methodologies. Now, I have completed my doctoral studies in business administration in The American Institute of Management.