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Software Engineer at GeoCat BV Bennekom the Netherlands


Geonetwork, GeoCat Bridge, OpenLayers, GeoExt, GeoServer, MapServer, GeoKettle, Posgis, QuantumGIS, OGR, Inspire {{#umSetParam: 5.68|51.966|Wageningen, The Netherlands|Genuchten|Paul van Genuchten}} {{#umUserMap:Genuchten|350px|250px|9|2|y}}


1999-2011 Nieuwland Automatisering

- WebGIS Publisher (OpenLayers client on Geoserver with .Net backend)

- Alliander (power supply) OpenLayers client on Smallworld Internet Application Server

- Crotec C-sam (OpenLayers client on Bentley's GeoWebPublisher)

- VNOG (disaster management) OpenLayers Client on Geoserver/PostGis

- DMI (public services) OpenLayers client on Mapserver/PostGis

- Inspire Services for dutch Water authoristies and cultural heritage institute (Geoserver/PostGis/GeoNetwork)