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Helen Deweese’s research centers on examining synoptic-climate variability patterns, surface-groundwater interactions, and changing dynamics of groundwater storage in watershed systems at multiple spatial-temporal scales. She applies data from hydroclimate observations, geographic information systems, and remote sensing to explore the hydrologic response mechanisms in watersheds.

Additionally, she strives to understand residential water usage and irrigation patterns by using fine scale satellite imagery at the urban landscape scale. Geospatial techniques have advanced the representation and discovery of hydroclimate, groundwater, as well as water resource management knowledge in watershed systems.

At the eScience Institute, she is interested in identifying changing dynamics in water storage as well as patterns of hydrologic components from water balance models, using machine learning methods, geospatial analysis, and the best available datasets. She hopes to unravel to mysteries of surface-groundwater interactions though the power of spatiotemporal data mining and data visualization.