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Few words about me.

At present I am working at K.U. Leuven within CASCADOSS [] project and some other FOSS4G training initiatives performed at SADL (Spatial Applications Division Leuven).

My professional experience includes: GIS/RS in environmental/agricultural/spatial management domains, watershed modelling, fundamental research on soil science and soil erosion issues. More details to be found at [1]

I am interested in FOSS4G since 2000 as I was looking for free GIS solutions for my PhD research. Later on I have been using FOSS4G in my enterprise. Now, within CASCADOSS I am involved in software evaluation process and general project management. I am strongly dedicated to the idea of FOSS4G as, knowing from my own experience in Poland, the lack of free software for GI and also unavailability of free spatial data, hold the development of GI market as well as deminish the range of environmental assessments and potential scientific progress.

My webpages: Pulawy Erosion Research Center the webpage for one of my hobbies: blacksmithing and knifemaking The webpages are a bit outdated.