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;Spoken Language(s): Slovak, English
;Spoken Language(s): Slovak, English
;Profile last updated: 11 August 2014
[[Category:OSGeo Member]]
[[Category:OSGeo Member]]

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Ivan Minčík

{{#umSetParam: 21.19668|49.04232|Veľký Šariš, Slovakia|imincik|Ivan Minčík}}

Ivan Minčík

Technical director at GISTA s.r.o., Slovakia

Location: Prešov, Slovakia

I am a founder of Open Source based GIS company and long term Open Source supporter.

OSGeo Experience OSGeo user.png OSGeo charter.png
  • Translator and contributor to QGIS project
  • Member of Debian GIS team and maintainer of postgresql-comparator package
  • Main developer of GIS.lab project http://imincik.github.io/gis-lab
Email: ivan.mincik AT gmail DOT com
Phone: +421 907 639 570
Spoken Language(s)
Slovak, English
Profile last updated
11 August 2014