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'm a Web Developer from Brussels.

I work as employee in a small company from Laeken (Brussels) named GEO-6 since 2005. We mainly develop web applications using web mapping. At first we used our own MapServer (developed by a former employee - running under Windows to display MapInfo files) with our own JavaScript library to display and interact with the map. Yes, we totally reinvented the wheel ... not very clever I agree.

In 2013, we finally decided to switch from Windows to Linux and switch from our custom map applications (difficult to maintain) to open-source solutions. We choose to use OSGeo MapServer, Leaflet JS Library and the power of GDAL library. Very (VERY) happy to have switched even if today I regret to have chosen Leaflet over OpenLayers (which seemed a little bit "old") and so currently (slowly) migrating from Leaflet to OpenLayers 3.

I also work as Freelance Web Developer on my spare time. Also in web development but not "limited" to web mapping applications.

I'm an OpenStreetMap member since 2012 but did my first real contribution last Saturday (not very proud about having waited 4 years to finally contribute) :

Small publicity on a personnal project : (Library to read/write MapServer mapfile using PHP).