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'''Jorge Samuel Mendes de Jesus (Jorge de Jesus)'''
'''Jorge Samuel Mendes de Jesus (Jorge de Jesus)'''
Linkedin profile: [http://www.linkedin.com/in/jorgedejesus]
*Current interests (work):
*Current interests (work):

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Jorge Samuel Mendes de Jesus (Jorge de Jesus)

Linkedin profile: [1]

  • Current interests (work):
    • pyWPS
    • Mapserver
    • ExtJS/GeoExt
    • OpenLayers
    • Python programing
  • Previous work:
    • Joint Research Center, MONDE and REM action (Italy)
      • Web services, mapserver and PostGIS works in Biodiversity (EuroGEOSS project)
      • web services (WPS) for spatial interpolations (INTAMAP Project)
    • Ben Gurion University (Israel)
      • Ph.D in Geostatistics applied to Organic Farming
    • Universidade do Algarve (Portugal)
      • Master in Agronomy (Eng.)