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=== Contact ===
=== Contact ===
: [mailto:jsanz@osgeo.org jsanz@osgeo.org]
: [mailto:jsanz@osgeo.org jsanz@osgeo.org]
: [mailto:jsanz@gvsig.org jsanz@gvsig.org]
: [mailto:jsanz@gvsig.org jsanz@gvsig.com]
: IRC nick: '''jsanz'''
: IRC nick: '''jsanz'''
: Skype user: '''xurxosanz'''
: Skype user: '''xurxosanz'''

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Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas


GIS Team member of Prodevelop
Cartography and Geodesy Engineer
Member of the gvSIG Team
OSGeo-es Board Member


IRC nick: jsanz
Skype user: xurxosanz

More info

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39.464N 0.459W
Aldaia, Valencia, Spain
Web logs and more
UTC (GMT) offset
Standard time zone: UTC +1 hour (details)
Daylight saving time: +1 hour (northern hemisphere summer time)

OSGeo main activities

  • Promoting Free Software, gvSIG and OSGeo
  • Translating the OSGeo official site into Spanish
  • Contact for the gvSIG Incubation process
  • Spanish Free GIS Book (Libro SIG)

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