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Jorge Sanz

Jorge is a Geospatial Analyst, part of the GIS Team of Prodevelop. He is part of the gvSIG Technical Steering Committee and Charter Member of OSGeo and the Spanish Language Local Chapter (OSGeo-ES ). He helps on some systems, participates actively on OSGeo-ES initiatives and Geoinquietos Valencia (a little local group part of a broader network of microchapters).

Jorge Sanz
OSGeo charter.png

OSGeo psc.png

Geospatial Analyst at Prodevelop · linkedin

Tasks at OSGeo
Contact for the gvSIG Incubation process
Current co-admin of the OSGeo planet
Current co-dmin of the OSGeo Nabble archives
Coordinator of Spanish translation of the OSGeo Live documentation
Packager of gvSIG Desktop at the OSGeo Live project
IRC: jsanz
Skype: xurxosanz
Profile last updated
14 June 2012

Further details at the complete profile page {{#umSetParam: -0.457|39.464|Aldaia, Valencia, Spain|Jsanz|Jorge Sanz}}