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Full name: Kenya TAMURA

E-Mail: /

Place of Birth: Hiroshima, in 1989 / Gender: Male





Tokyo Metropolitan University

Nagoya University

Nara University

■Main Work

2014. 4 - Worker of MAPconcierge Inc.

2011.11- Board chairman of Inoshachu, NPO .

■Volunteered Activity

2015. 4 - Member of the Map and GIS Education Subcommittee, Geography Education Working Group , Science Council of Japan.

2011 - Director of OpenStreetMap Foundation Japan

2011 - Director of OSGeo Japan


System Engineer: Designed and developed WebGIS system for University of Tokyo in March 2015

  • Experienced in developing a Geoserver using the OpenGeo Suite application
  • Experienced in the installation and maintenance of servers
  • Create and maintain security
  • Gained an ability to maintain high level communication with clients

A committee member of “Disaster Evacuation Coaching”.

  • Engaging of the public relations(Newspaper, magazine, website)
  • Engaging of the Sponsoring companies
  • Engaging of the information desk
  • Coordination and management of meal during the session
  • Coordination and management of the supporter team organized by university students
  • Total Design(Logo&Banners, T-shirts, Poster and more)

A committee member of “State of The Map“ INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE Sept. 2012 –August -Sept. 2012, responsible for:

  • Coordination and management of the supporter team organized by university students
  • Management of event staff's
  • Organized the map contest for students in conference


I am the educator on geographic information science with a strong interest in the informatization of education. And I designed and developed GIS education system using FOSS4G for junior high and high school.