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Luís de Sousa


Luís is a PhD on Computer Science and an MSc on Geographic Information Systems and on Computer Science. He is presently a Post-Doc Scientist at EAWAG - the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology.


Luís is a founding member of the PyWPS Project Steering Committee, a project to which he has been contributing for several years.

He has also contributed ad hoc code and translations to various other projects:

Personal Projects

  • HexUtils - Luís started working with hexagonal grids over a decade ago, during his MSc on GIS. Recently he developed a file format for hexagonal grids and is working on a suite of tools to facilitate the usage and display of this kind of grids.
  • DSL3S - Luís' PhD work evolved around the development of a graphical domain specific modelling language, called Domain Specific Language for Spatial Simulation Scenarios.

Digital Networks