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Marie Silvestre

Research engineer in GIS for the CNRS at Pierre and Marie Curie University since 2006, I work on environmental science, most of the time on water quality modelling of large watersheds.

I am using and developing GIS tools and have a soft spot for free and opensource softwares. I have initiated and performed the complete redesign and recoding of the model I am mostly working on (from VB6/MapObjects/Shapefiles to PostgreSQL/PostGIS/Python, what a journey!). I strongly advocate the use of FOSS in GIS among researchers and students in my university and give twice a year a 4-days training course on GIS with QGIS and GRASS.

I have been an early enthusiast for OSGeo and its Francophone Local Chapter and have been an active member of translation projects such as the OSGeo website and Journal. Since then I became coordinator of the French translation team for QGIS documentation and website.

I always happily support translation initiatives as I believe it's one of the key to FOSS success!

Contact me.