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{{#umAdmin: Maurimiranda}}
{{#umAdmin: Maurimiranda}}
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Chief Development Officer at XoomCode

Contact: mmiranda@xoomcode.com


Analysis, design and deployment of web applications related to Geographic Information Systems. Spatial Databases, Web cartography, Web Mapping Api's, Map Servers, Spatial Data Analysis Tools.


  • Flex, Ruby On Rails, PHP, DHTML, Javascript
  • Postgres (Postgis), MySql, SQLite
  • MapServer, GeoServer
  • Grass, GDAL, QGis, OpenJump
  • OpenLayers, OpenScales, ModestMaps


  • Spatial Software Architecture
  • Spatial Database Administration
  • Map Server Administration
  • Team Management

Location: Mendoza, Argentina {{#umUserMap: Maurimiranda|400px|400px|3|2|y}}

{{#umAdmin: Maurimiranda}}