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Undergraduate degree from Tufts University, 1985

Seven years in State Government (1985-1991) and first Manager of MassGIS.

Masters of City Planning from MIT, 1992

Executive Vice President and co-founder of AppGeo in 1991 - present.

Open source activity started in 2009 in work on National Broadband Map and accelerated after seeing Paul Ramsey's Keynote Speech at MN GIS-LIS Conference in 2009 when it became clear it would be an enduring part of our services practice.

First FOSS4G Conference, Denver 2011.

Sat on Program Committee for FOSS4G North America, Washington DC, 2012; and Minneapolis, MN, 2013.

Co-chair for Global FOSS4G Boston 2017.

Elected Charter Member in 2017