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{{OSGeo Member
|Name=Milo van der Linden
Milo van der Linden
|Address=Vught, The Netherlands
|Coordinate=51.516, 3.88
Beukenlaan 2
5261LE  Vught
[http://blog.dogodigi.net my blog]
{{#umSetParam: 3.880|51.516|Vught, The Netherlands|Milovanderlinden|Milo van der Linden}}
== Current ==
* Independent Technical open GIS specialist at dogodigi (Self-employed)
* Chairman at Cooperatieve vereniging [http://www.opengeogroep.nl OpenGeoGroep] UA (The Netherlands)
== Past ==
* GIS consultant at AVD-ICT
* Functioneel beheerder at DELTA NV
* Freelance GIS specialist (Self-employed)
* GIS Presales Consultant at Interstation
* GIS Consultant at Ingecon
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== Education ==
* Master of Science Geographical Information Management and Applications (GIMA). Not finished
* Hogeschool van Utrecht, BSc. Geodesie specialisatie Geo-Informatica, graduated 1997
* Cals College, Nieuwegein
== Recent Projects ==
* Various GIS applications for the Amsterdam Police
* Weather services
* Bluetooth traffic monitoring
* AND map 2.0 [http://www.map20.org]
* Aruba address finder [http://www.dogofind.net] (in progress)
* Openlayers/mapserver "Samenloopkaart" gemeente Arnhem
* Google Earth parcel manager for business parcs (mapserver WMS and openlayers)
* Aruba address dataset for google earth
* Flamingo mapviewer for Bouwfonds (pilot)
* MilleniumAtlas WMS/WFS service (NCDO)
* map20.org (AND Automitive Navigation Data)
* Boormanager web-based (IT-works)
== Past projects ==
* OSP Insight implementations at: Telfort, BT, Versatel, Multikabel
* GIS projects at: gemeente Nijmegen, ISIS Benelux, KPN
* Developer/architect: Cocon, the GIS tool for fiber optics registration
* Developer/architect: Care, the analytical GIS for Firebrigades to determine service levels in the Netherlands
== IT-knowledge ==
* VB6, VB.net, ASP.net, C#
* javascript (AJAX - prototype, jquery)
* php
* SQL, Oracle Spatial, PostGIS, MsSqlSpatial, SpatialWare, mySQL spatial
* OpenLayers, Google Maps API, KML API, Flamingo-mc, SharpMap
[[Category: OSGeo Member]] [[Category: Nederland]][[Category:Nederlands]]

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Name: Milo van der Linden
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Address: Vught, The Netherlands
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