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===[[Milo van der Linden]]===
===[[Milo van der Linden]]===
[[File:milovanderlinden.jpg|thumb|right|180px|Milo van der Linden]]
[[File:milovanderlinden.jpg|thumb|right|100px|Milo van der Linden]]
Chairman, Coöperatieve vereniging OpenGeogroep U.A.
Chairman, Coöperatieve vereniging OpenGeogroep U.A.

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Milo van der Linden

Milo van der Linden

Chairman, Coöperatieve vereniging OpenGeogroep U.A.

Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands

Milo van der Linden is chairman of the Dutch OpenGeoGroep a unique group of self-employed open source geospatial professionals in the Netherlands. He has been actively promoting philosophy, concepts and products of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation since 2005 at various occasions in the Netherlands including presentations at the TU Delft, Hogeschool van Utrecht and at the Jaarbeurs. Milo is an active member of the Dutch language chapter OSGeo.nl with strong connections throughout the OSGeo community.

OSGeo Experience OSGeo coder.png OSGeo user.png 
  • Member of http://www.osgeo.nl, the Dutch language Chapter of OSGeo
  • Participated in writing a proposal to host the FOSS4G conference in The Netherlands in 2007
  • Actively following what's going on in the OSGeo Community
  • Actively participating in OpenLayers, Geoserver, Mapserver and PostGIS communities
  • Actively participating in OpenStreetMap and promoting OpenStreetMap in the Netherlands
Email: mailto:milo@opengeogroep.nl
Phone (work): +31(0)616598808
Spoken Language(s)
Dutch and English, prefers presenting in Dutch