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- Mobile GIS
- Mobile GIS
- 3D GIS
- 3D GIS
- openlayers

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Director of 3DSite IT&C bv, The Netherlands Owner of www.mapserv.nl

Got a bachelor degree on Geodesy, Geo-Informatics in 1997.

Worked for: Ingecon, Intergraph Benelux, Interstation (former MapInfo reseller), Isis, Arcadis, Delta NV, AVD-ict (Now part of Falck)

Took part in large GIS projects at: Telfort, BT, Versatel, Multikabel, Gemeente Nijmegen

(Co)designer of: Cocon, the GIS tool for fiber optics registration Care, the analytical GIS for Firebrigades to determine service levels in the Netherlands

and a variety of other GIS tools.

Currently working on: - Several WMS projects that give companies the possibility to visualize their Geo-spatial data in Google Earth and Maps - WMS Hosting - KML networklink hosting - PostGIS editing tools - Mobile GIS - 3D GIS - openlayers

IT-techniques: VB6, VB.net, ASP.net, C#, javascript (AJAX - prototype, jquery), php SQL, Oracle Spatial, PostGIS, MsSqlSpatial, SpatialWare, mySQL spatial OpenLayers, Google Maps API, KML API, Flamingo-mc, SharpMap