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;Spoken Language(s): English, Macedonian
;Spoken Language(s): English, Macedonian
;Profile last updated: 07 June 2012
;Profile last updated: 07 July 2012

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Dimitar Misev

Dimitar Misev

PhD student, Jacobs University Bremen

Location: Bremen, Germany

Dimitar Misev is pursuing a PhD in Computer Science at Jacobs University Bremen in Germany, with focus on scientific databases and Big Data. He is actively contributing to the development of rasdaman, a world-leading database engine for multi-dimensional raster data of unlimited extent.

LinkedIn profile

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  • Core developer of the rasdaman project
  • User support on the rasdaman mailing lists and maintenance of the wiki pages
Email: misev AT rasdaman DOT com
Skype: dimitarmisev
Spoken Language(s)
English, Macedonian
Profile last updated
07 July 2012