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;Spoken Language(s): English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch
;Spoken Language(s): English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch
;Profile last updated: 23 12 2014
;Profile last updated: 09 09 2015
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Moritz Lennert

Moritz Lennert

Researcher and teaching assistant, Free University of Brussels (ULB)

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Moritz is a researcher and teaching assistant, at the Free University of Brussels (ULB), more precisely at the Department of Geography and the Institute for Environmental Management and Spatial Planning (IGEAT). He teaches practical courses in GIS, remote sensing, spatial databases and spatial modelling, all using exclusively free software.

OSGeo Experience OSGeo charter.png OSGeo psc.png OSGeo coder.png OSGeo user.png OSGeo translate.png
  • GRASS PSC member and developer
  • Speaker at the FOSSDEM 2015 Geospatial Devroom
  • Co-organisor and speaker at the be-OpenGIS-fr, 2014
  • Speaker at the FROG, 2013
  • Presentation of OSGEO at the CASCADOSS workshop, 2009

Email: mlennert AT club DOT worldonline DOT be
Spoken Language(s)
English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch
Profile last updated
09 09 2015