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Avatar of mateusz(at)loskot(dot)net

My name is Mateusz Loskot. I live in United Kingdom Poland. I'm a compulsive Open Source cowboy and I enjoy it!

Since 2000, I've been working as a GIS software developer and architect of desktop and mobile GIS solutions.

Main projects I contribute to and work for are GDAL/OGR (GeoJSON, maintenance, bugs shooting), GEOS (small porting, testing, bug shooting), PostGIS (co-implemented early PostGIS Raster), FDO (implemented first version of PostGIS provider).

Together with Howard Butler, I created libLAS. Later, I added a few tiny contributions to the latest Howard's project PDAL.

I develop and maintain SOCI (C++ database access library) and co-develop nanodbc (ODBC for humans).

I also make more or less regular contributions to OSRM, libosmium and more.

In December 2008, I moved to London,UK to join Cadcorp. At Cadcorp, I actively contribute to many OSGeo and other FOSS projects. What is this Cadcorp of which you speak?, read blog by Paul Ramsey. is where I shoot

IRC nick: mloskot
United Kingdom & Poland
UTC (GMT) offset
Standard time zone: GMT (London,UK time)
Daylight saving time: +1 hour (northern hemisphere summer time)